A small Einstein in the making.

Your child is barely age-ready for school and he is just like other kid. He doesn’t eat his veggies and he escapes baths just like any other preschooler but there is something very unusual. Instead of playing with balls and riding his bike, he prefers science stuff!

You might see him checking out plants like a scientist instead while his buddies pick flowers and stomp on them; you might remember her watching Discovery Channel or National Geographic specials instead of Disney or cartoons. A child that is eager to learn should be cultivated. Little geniuses need support, recognition and love all the more. But how does a regular parent do this? A child psychologist differs in opinion from you.

Experts on child behaviour agree that raising a little Einstein is a challenge but with simple strategies like the following, any parent will be able to do so successfully:

  1. Let your child explore. Do not hinder his need to explore new stuff especially the things that he is interested in. Let him go outdoors, check out plants and animals and even join him discovering mushrooms, insects, birds and fishes if he loves living creatures. Take her to science fairs and museums instead of just watching television. For example this, this and this .
  2. Get him a science kit. There are so many varieties of toy science kits that you can order online or from toy shops. These kits allow kids to discover different science concepts such as electricity, motion, matter and simple machines. There are even science kits for chemistry and biology.
  3. Talk to your child, ask open ended questions. Through this you are helping your child discover a lot about his environment and how to provide answers to different inquiries. Get him proper shoes. Get him proper bed and let him live.For instance, instead of just asking what he wants for dinner, ask him why carrots are color orange or why watermelons are red. You can turn your question and answer activity into a game and reward him at the end of the day with treats or anything that he wishes to have. have a look at http://wolfr.am/4g1TPO6X
  4. Appreciate his creations or his ideas no matter how out of this world may be. Most scientific luminaries will tell you that most people found their ideas absurd the first time that they came up with it but there would always be someone who stood by them, someone who cheered on. This person is you! Be his assistant, his test subject or his judge; give him supportive comments but still let him know that he should be careful in his explorations. By simply being there to cheer him on or give him thumbs up sign you are boosting his confidence by a mile!
  5. Sharpen his skills. You should never overlook activities to help sharpen your child’s skills. A child that is able to read earlier than expected would definitely improve his skills by giving him more advanced reading materials. You could read with him out loud or get every opportunity to practice reading like reading product labels in the supermarket or reading signs as you two ride a bus. Remember every little thing counts if you want to raise a little Einstein.