My name is Ella. I started cooking at the moment when my friend Adam and I moved away from my parents, and nothing else actually did. I was nineteen, it was the year of 2009, and every evening I had my mom on the wire and asked her how it is, how to make the sauce and how much I have to put salt in the potato water. I put myself in front of it, I did not take it as an obligation, but as a challenge and started to learn the basics of the world’s cuisine.

Sometimes at the beginning of 2014, I looked at myself in the mirror and decided to make a clear start to do something. I mean, I’m starting to lose weight because it was something terrible. So I stopped eating foods with fats, started buying more vegetables and started practising.

I often upload photos of what I’ve been doing on my Facebook. Sharing my private life through Facebook is fun. Well then I published a photo of the transformation after two months, and at that moment everyone started bombing me with all kinds of questions about food, drink, exercise and so on. Right at this moment, I thought I would make my page on Facebook where I would add what I cook.